Zusätzliche Information

Laenge 2800 mm
Breite 1540 mm
Hoehe 1020 mm
Gewicht 535 kg
Farben Schwarz
Place of origin Designed and built in Germany
Ausfuehrung Brass Ausführung
Saiten German made Röslau and Pitthan Draht high performance strings
Resonanzboden AAA grade Bavarian/Bohemian Spruce Tapered Soundboard, 3-dimensional crown, enlarged by approximately 15% compared to a standard grand piano
Hammerkoepfe German Designed and Custom Made Hammers by Renner with merino wool felt and solid Bubinga core
Pin Block German Strunz Pin Block, red beech, 20 plies, high compression resistance
Mechanik CAPE Designed Action, custom made in Germany by Renner
Scale CAPE Designed, German high tension scale, overstrung and balanced
Bridges German CNC Manufactured Solid White Beech, Maple Capped Bridges, stretched treble bridge, separate bass bridge
Plate German Made, CAPE designed Plate
Cabinet Assembly German soft landing fallboard, hydraulic safety features.

*CAPE = Computer Assisted Piano Engineering / **CNC = Computer Numerical Control.